Disciples by RC: New Apostolate Involving Young Professionals

The young men’s section of Regnum Christi in Guatemala has created a new apostolate for young Regnum Christi professionals called: Discípulos by RC (Disciples by RC).

“This apostolate broke all my schemes. Who would have imagined that when entering this bar environment, it would be the same Brother, a Legionary of Christ, [who gave the talk] who would prepare and serve me my drink,” explained a surprised participant of Discípulos.

Discípulos is an apostolate that seeks to gather about 30 young adults who have either finished college or twenty-four years of age, in an informal “after office” environment. After a 10-minute exhibition on a controversial, philosophical, or faith issue, a group discussion opens up.

The apostolate seeks not only a Catholic formation, but also breaking down the paradigms or lack of confidence between different vocations.

“I think nobody can see a priest having a beer or a drink in the midst of 30 young people, without being surprised,” commented another of the participants.

Discípulos takes place on the third Tuesday of each month at the Regnum Christi headquarters in Guatemala City. The organizers, members of the young men’s section, set up a social area in the building with a bar, cocktail tables, glassware and furniture with the logo.

“This gives the feeling of a bar to a young professional; somewhere that after a long day of work, to get together with a group of people at their same stage of life. But here he or she finds others who seek to live in their faith in a different way.” Explained Luis Pedro Fernández Smith, director of the apostolate.

Each month they change the cocktail or drink, food, discussion theme and speaker, so that the experience for the participants is new every time they attend.

The event begins with 45 minutes of socializing, so that professionals can break the ice, eat and drink. Afterwards, the speaker gives a 10-minute presentation, giving the opportunity for discussion after. Finally, they move back to the bar, where they continue the discussion in an informal environment.

Discípulos is lived by the branches together: Laity, Legionaries, Consecrated Women and Lay Consecrated Men. Each one of the vocations participates, exposes and discusses the different topics in the light of their experience and training.

Discípulos began with the aim of making the section grow with young professionals who feel that their Catholic formation is stagnating due to where they find themselves in life.

“We felt that in the section, there was a big gap between the meetings of youth and the men. We still do not have children, we are not at the peak of our professions, nor do we feel ready to go to a meeting with older men or women… but I am not in university or in high school anymore,” said one of the coordinators of the apostolate.

The young men and women’s sections have grown from this apostolate. Over the last five months of Discípulos 143 people have participated, and 70% of these were not part of Regnum Christi or a prayer group beforehand.

Topics covered so far have included: eroticism, sin, tolerance, religion vs relation and confession. Fr. Oscar Cabello, LC; Fr. Carlos María García, LC; Br. Jorge Mora, LC; and Pablo Beuchat, Lay Consecrated Man; have been the speakers thus far.

The apostolate is spawning a new branch called “Discípulos University Edition” to begin soon for university students who are not yet professionals but want to take part.

You can read the original in Spanish.

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