CCC of America Continues its Mission with Lukas Storyteller

In 1983, a group of young Mexican Regnum Christi members, armed with holy audacity and a vision to change culture through mass media, decided that the place where they would have the most impact was Hollywood.  Jose Carredano, Johnny Williams and Jorge Gonzáles recognized how mass media, film production, and entertainment had become a vital part of contemporary culture. After securing financial support for their vision, they went to Los Angeles and created one of the first Regnum Christi apostolates in the United States, Hombre Nuevo.  From 1983-1986 they produced the Hombre Nuevo television show on channel 46 KHIS, a daily 2-hour long show that looked at contemporary issues in the light of human and Christian values. After this project ended due to economic difficulty, Hombre Nuevo created an award-winning feature film, Crystalstone, in 1987.

During the 1990s it became clear to the team at Hombre Nuevothat the Hollywood culture and infrastructure would not support the growth of Catholic entertainment, so they began their own production and distribution company called Creative Communication Center of America (CCC). The dynamic enterprise of CCC of America was founded to produce and distribute high-quality entertainment for the family that was not only enjoyable but also conveyed Christian moral values.  CCC created a series of popular 30-minute animated features called the Saints and Heroesseries.  These videos, which told the stories of 11 saints and heroes through high-quality animation, were completed in 1999 and have been available on DVD ever since. They have been dubbed into more than ten languages and sold in more than 22 countries.

Three years ago, as technology changed and the market for streaming digital media grew (while DVD sales fell) Juan Carlos Carredano was asked to come on board as the new CEO of CCC with two primary objectives, to “take the old materials to new platforms and produce new original content.”

Working towards the objectives that Juan Carlos signed on for, CCC now has its Saints and Heroes series on the Augustine Institute’s platform.  They have also created a new series of HD animated content for children called Lukas Storyteller. The first season is made up of 14 episodes which feature Lukas, a fish who met Jesus.  The high-quality HD animated production follows the adventures of Lukas in the lives of different saints, with each episode also highlighting a virtue.  The series is available on DVD,  as well as on the new streaming platform that CCC offers. Next year, they will expand to iTunes, Netflix, and other mainstream platforms.

CCC operates as an independent international corporation with offices in Mexico City and Dallas, and continues to be an apostolate of the Regnum Christi Movement with the same mission that motivated its creation in 1983, the transformation of culture through mass media.




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