Regnum Christi Helping after Guatemala’s Volcanic Eruption

On Sunday, June 3, the volcano of fire, located in the interior of the Republic of Guatemala, erupted, generating constant lava and rock flows, affecting the different communities located near the base of the Volcano. This natural disaster left thousands of families homeless, more than 60 dead and a number of missing people, leaving, according to the media, more than a million affected. 

“The Regnum Christi family of Guatemala is in solidarity with the victims of the volcano and united in prayer and support, through the different apostolates, we will continue with the cause,” said a Regnum Christi member. 

During that week, the apostolates: Christ of the Street, Disciples by RC (recently covered),  Soñar Despierto (Dreaming Wide-awake, usually called “Angel for a Day” in English),  Mission Youth and Mission Family  and the sections of men and women collected food and materials that were subsequently delivered to the various shelters and rescuers.  Additionally, the  “Mercy Cup”  apostolate held a football cup whose funds went directly to buy materials needed by rescuers. 

Once the donations were collected on June 10, 38 members of the young men and young women’s sections, together with the apostolates of Soñar Despierto and Mission Youth and Mission Family, and under the company of Fr. Oscar Cabell, LC, and Br. Jorge Mora, LC, brought them to the collection centers and shelters located in the department of Escuintla. 

“We had the opportunity to speak with  the bishop of Escuintla, Víctor Hugo Palma. In this meeting, we all truly experienced one of the 5 loves of the Movement, that is the love of the Church,” said Edgar Tórtola, a member of the young men’s section. 

The young men and women offered their support in the collection centers, classifying all the donations to facilitate the distribution of food, while the Soñar Despierto team dedicated itself to carrying out activities with the children who were victims of the volcano. 

Fr. Oscar Cabello, LC and Br. Jorge Mora, LC offered spiritual accompaniment to the victims. 

In addition to the support of the apostolates, Oscar Sotoj, Fulltime Missionary  (ETC), member of Regnum Christi and volunteer firefighter, worked with his son in rescue efforts after the volcano. (Mr. Sotoj gave his testimony here.) 

The young people had the opportunity to live with Oscar and his family, who was given a donation of 42 pairs of boots, new uniforms for firefighters, and other items. 

“We are proud to have someone from our RC family as a rescuer in these times so critical for our country,” said one of the youth. 

As of mid-July, collection, visits to shelters, and prayer chains for all victims and rescuers continue. 

Taken from the international Regnum Christi site in Spanish. 

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