Regnum Christi Mission Corps Course Inspires a Young Woman to Re-Center Her Life 

11 young women participated in a course for new Regnum Christi Missionaries in Rome. Natalia Galvez explains how transforming it was. 

From July 6 to August 6, 11 young women from Mexico, Spain, Germany, Canada and El Salvador took part in the Regnum Christi Mission Corps Training Course in Rome. The first two weeks were combined with the International Formators’ Course. The last two weeks had more specific formation content for their year being Regnum Christi Missionaries. 

Christ in each person’s story 

Natalia Galvez, RC Missionary in Madrid, working with ECYD at Everest School Monteclaro, tells us the experience of how the workshop helped her to remember who her center is. 

She explains, “Being part of the workshop of Regnum Christi Missionaries in Rome was an experience to understand who is our center. Christ’s love for me is found in the fire of a great endless candle where we have the gift to light ourselves and stay burning to illuminate the life of others. It is incredible to know how each one has a different history of how he received that light, but definitely each soul is a reflection of God’s love.” 

Outline of the Course 

In the workshop, the young women had formative blocks dedicated to the identity and mission of the RC Missionary, to the development of their own personality and leadership, as well as workshops which offered them apostolic tools for their year. Among other things, the young women did apostolate visiting a home for the elderly, they were able to participate in an audience of the Pope and they had moments of greater intimacy with Christ in a triduum of prayer. 

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