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52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by GodCh 5 – A Dress of Trust

Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wild flowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothed like one of them.
-Matthew 6: 28-29


The love of God is my rock.

Have you noticed how easy it is to get dressed when it’s a beautiful day out; and on the other hand, how complicated it is to find an outfit to face the rain in: shoes that won’t slip, clothes that will keep you warm, something to protect you from getting wet, and a good umbrella?

Sometimes, your life is like a rainy day. The sky is cloudy, there is little light, the thunder sounds threatening, water pours from the sky, and you don’t know how long it will last. And this is not only in your own life; your heart of a woman also embraces and worries about the people you love and those close to you, the ones who suffer and the ones who need you.

Your intuition allows you to see the dangers that threaten you or those you love, and many times the consequences are out of your control. What anguish this can create in your life! Sometimes your heart seems to live permanently in the bleakness of early winter, with rain, cold and that dim grayish sky that seems to unravel all hope within you. The bright sun of spring and the heat of summer seem to hide, and God stays behind the clouds.

That’s why I invite you to meditate on what God wants to give you with the dress of trust. God not only gives you the assurance that you will always be protected from the rain, cold and wind, but he also offers you the umbrella of his presence and fidelity.

In all the storms and battles that you have to face; in every situation where the coldness of indifference and a lack of love reach your heart; in the problems that shake you like the strong winds of fall, God protects you by offering you the dress of trust and the secret of his divine providence, which is the umbrella that you must always open when storms arrive.

As a woman, one of the most subtle temptations you face is wanting to solve everything. That is why today God is asking you to abandon yourself more fully into his hands, and to find deeper security in how he wants to work behind the clouds that sometimes cover the sky of your life. Let Providence act, live the storms smiling under your umbrella, dressed in trust, with the joy you had as a little girl, when you weren’t afraid of the rain but attracted and fascinated by it.

Learn to love the rain because it is sent by the one who cares for you from heaven. Try to laugh and jump in the puddles, splashing without fear. Contemplate the familiar scenes around you with new eyes. When the sun shines again, you will realize that God is faithful to his promises, that the storm has freed you from those concerns that you don’t have to hold on to, that you are more free, that the air is more pure, and that you appreciate the light that God offers you even more.

How different it is to live life trusting in the umbrella of the fidelity of God, who promised that we will not be tempted beyond our strength and that everything that happens to us, if we trust in him, will work towards our good.


My soul, be at rest in God alone, from whom comes my hope. God alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not fall. -Psalm 62: 6-7


Think of three situations that worry you and that you feel are out of your control. In prayer, put them in the hands of God, trusting in his love and his providence.



Yes, I ask for your hand so you can feel the strength of mine,
It will save you from wandering aimlessly through the world,
The same hand that will sustain you, when you sink because of your lack of trust,
The one that will serve as your support, consolation, and guide to climb to the summit,
The one that will show you the wounds of my Passion, to prove to you my love and

My soul to Jesus:
Take my hand Lord, as my guide and my Shepherd
In darkness, lead me on the path of safety
In solitude, on that of consolation
In doubt, on that of hope
In pain, on that of offering myself
In temptation, on that of victory

Extract taken from the book Jesús a mi alma  by Fr. Guillermo Serra, LC

Past chapters of 52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God are available in Spanish on my YouTube channel , and in English on the RC Live! blog.  I welcome your comments  below.

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52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God Ch 4 – A Dress of Mercy

CHAPTER 4: A Dress of Mercy

I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; hence, she has shown great love. But the one to whom little is forgiven loves little. -Luke 7:47


Lord, your mercy is my only merit.

Throughout every woman’s life, new challenges arise. One in particular, despite being routine, never stops being new. Every morning you have to choose how to dress and what to wear.

Your decision is based partly on the season, the weather, and the day of the week. You find what fits, pick a dress and put together an outfit that suits the occasion. But you also try to dress to present yourself well, to please others and to feel secure in what you are wearing.

What if you didn’t have to worry about choosing a dress to wear, if you could just be yourself and not have to dress for others or even to satisfy yourself? What if you could be comfortable and confident and simply live in what you were wearing when you woke up—yes, your favorite pajamas? What would happen if you didn’t have to fix yourself up, get dressed and worry about your appearance or your self-image? Imagine if you could just let yourself be loved and pampered in a dress that gives you security, confidence, and peace?

In your relationship with God, don’t you find that you often strive to dress a certain way to try to give him reasons to love you, to forgive you, or to feel close to you? When you feel you lack any reasons or causes to be loved, it is like you have stayed in your pajamas without being able to put anything else on, without being able to put on your makeup or make yourself “presentable.”

If you don’t see any merit in your life, that’s when you should thank God most for the dress of mercy that he offers you. This is how he created you to be, in your purest state and essence. He sees past all the layers you try to put on to cover yourself, and he knows the depths of your heart.

I would dare to say that God’s mercy is a call for you to feel comfortable wearing the pajamas of your misery and limitations, without seeking to be dressed in reasons that you are worthy of his love. You do not have to make yourself presentable before him. Instead, God with his mercy makes you presentable, beautiful, and precious in his eyes.

Let yourself be embraced as when you were little and your parents took you up in their arms as you woke up. You opened your sleepy eyes in the comfort and warmth of your pajamas. You felt cherished and loved. Curl up confidently in the arms of your Father, who does not need reasons to love you.

Since God’s love and mercy are infinite, when you wear the dress of mercy your merits are many. Your dress of misery changes. It begins to shine to the extent that you let God embellish it with his embrace of unconditional love. He wants to do it, you just have to let him.

Learn to wake up every morning, opening your eyes with trust in the one who is by your side, knowing you do not have to dress yourself in human merits for him. Be yourself, and he will make you worthy and lovable with his mercy.


What can I count on? My own merits? No, “My only merit is God’s mercy. I am by no means lacking merits as long as he is rich in mercy. If the mercies of the Lord are manifold, I too will abound in merits” -St. Bernard of Clairvaux


This week repeat to yourself, “my only merit is his mercy” throughout the day, dressing yourself in God’s mercy and being filled with confidence in his love each day.



I want to be free, as my humanity weighs heavily on me;
To climb mountains and see everything in the distance;
To cross the fields quickly;
To walk on water, my eyes fixed on you.


To cast off the ropes and chains,
Everything that limits and hurts me;
To ride the sea, dressed in the wind;
To watch sunsets in breathtaking silence.

All new and secure,
Abandoned in your strong Heart,
Without any plans or desires, only being,
Because in simply being with you, I am more yours.
And being next to you, what else could I ask for?
I have already left everything, what more could I gain?
If you are with me,
Nothing can trouble me.

Extract taken from the book Jesús a mi alma  © P. Guillermo Serra, LC

Past chapters of 52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God are available in Spanish on my YouTube channel , and in English on the RC Live! blog.  I welcome your comments  below.

52 Dresses: The Heart of a Woman as Seen by God Ch 4 – A Dress of Mercy Read More »

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